Alive-nesses: Proposal for Adaptation

Public Art Installation for the High Line, New York, NY (2011).
Three storage containers, two are 8’ 6” h x 19’10” w x 7’ 11.5”d, one is 8’6” ...

The Figure Is Always Ground

Marfa Book Company, Marfa, TX (2012). Acrylic paint on wall, floor and ceiling. Ceiling is 16 feet high. Room is measured at 38 feet x 23 feet.

Event Horizon

Event Horizon is a current work in progress. The series of paper models, photographs and paintings on gouache are visual descriptions of ...


Size: variable. Ceiling is 9 feet, eight walls total. B/W acrylic wall painting. Private Commission, New York, NY (2010).

Sky Island

Sky Island connects photographs, video, and text from varying viewpoints and creates a biography of Mount Livermore. The video camera lens slowly ...

paraMuseum (London)

Four 5 feet x 8 feet photographs on canvas, commission from Dimensional Corporation, London, England, (2011).

Scanning the Grand Canyon

Scanning the Grand Canyon extends my investigation into the ephemeral qualities of light, form, movement and time.

Where Time Dwells

Where Time Dwells was an exhibition of the paintings from the visual vocabulary of landscape.


A portfolio of current mixed-media drawings.


A selection of current mixed-media collages. Various sizes.

Kim’s Game

Kim was the hero of the eponymous tale by Kipling. He was being trained for his secret service work on behalf of the British Raj — the Great Game. ...